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  • The Fiocchi Group provides construction management services for residential properties of extraordinary stature.  Acting on behalf of and in conjunction with our clients, we implement and oversee the design, development and construction of your property in order to deliver you a finished product that will exceed your expectations.  Our expertise is built on a foundation of loyalty, teamwork and years of experience.  Our main objective is ensuring that your best interests are at the core of every decision made while delivering you a magnificently finished home.

    Construction Management

    As construction managers, we provide top-level management that reduces the length of construction and mitigates excess costs in order to reach a successful result for your residence. Typically, we are on the project from the initial planning stages providing risk management alongside cost and quality control. We then execute the overall vision in conjunction with the project team to successfully complete your home. The value-add of our services typically save our clients well in excess of our fees.

    As experienced construction managers we will guide you through the complex process of construction while keeping your best interests in mind and providing you exceptional value. We educate our clients regarding the best consultants, vendors and design professionals and develop the best strategy to achieve your goals. We are objective and team players who achieve amazing results.

    Our expertise lies in experience, dedication and loyalty. Keys to our success come from translating objectives between the team and the client. We strive to coordinate the project among all team members to reach a common goal.

    Furthermore, our services will not increase overall costs as we will make all costs more transparent, focused and efficient. Our presence creates solutions, solves problems and delivers you a finished project that will exceed your expectations.

    Our Services

    • Budgets
    • Design + Development
    • Programming
    • Contract Revisions
    • Move-in + Punch List
    • Schedules
    • Composing Project Teams
    • Bidding + Negotiations
    • Construction

    Our Work

    New York City

    • 1 Central Park West, Apartment 42C
    • 15 Central Park West, Penthouse 43
    • 15 Central Park West, Penthouse 39
    • 15 Central Park West, Apartment 37C
    • 15 Central Park West, Apartment 805
    • 15 Central Park West, Apartment 101/102
    • 115 Central Park West, Apartment 17D
    • 993 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor
    • 990 Fifth Avenue, Apartment 6/7
    • 927 Fifth Avenue, Apartment 10/11
    • 907 Fifth Avenue, Apartment 12W
    • 812 Fifth Avenue, Penthouse
    • 730 Park Avenue, Penthouse
    • 429 Greenwich Street, Penthouse
    • 21 Jay Street, Penthouse
    • 21 Jay Street, Apartment 6E
    • One Madison Park, 39th Floor
    • 10 Madison Square, Apartment 20C
    • 30 East 72nd Street, Penthouse
    • 150 Charles Street, 8BS
    • 150 Charles Street, 2DS
    • 432 Park Avenue, 51A
    • 432 Park Avenue, 51B
    • 432 Park Avenue, 63A
    • 41 Bond Street, Penthouse
    • Greenwich Lane
    •    150 West 12th Street, 10E
    •    150 West 12th Street, 11E
    •    150 West 12th Street, 11W
    •    155 West 11th Street, 12A
    •    150 West 12th Street, 10W
    •    155 West 11th Street, 5C
    •    155 West 11th Street, 6A
    •    155 West 11th Street, 6C

    Miami Beach

    • 9701 Collins Avenue, Apartment 1201 South (St. Regis Residences)
    • 2901 Collins Avenue, Penthouse 1406 (The Edition)
    • 120 Ocean Drive, Penthouse (Glass)
    • 100 South Point Drive, Apartment 3307 (The Continuum)
    • 100 South Point Drive, Apartment 3007 (The Continuum)
    • 100 South Point Drive, Apartment 2006/2007 (The Continuum)
    • 4535 Nautilus Court
    • Faena House, Penthouse A
    • Faena House, Penthouse C

    Additional Projects

    • 140 Rue De Grenelle, Paris
    • 900 Meadow Lane, Southampton
    • 78 Crestview Lane, Sagaponack
    • 73 Highway Behind The Pond, East Hampton
    • 61 Highway Behind The Pond, East Hampton
    • 44 Huntting Lane, East Hampton
    • White City Residence, Tel Aviv
    • 107 Willoughby Way, Aspen
    • 99 Willoughby Way, Aspen


    Maintaining quality clientele and unique projects is very important to our firm. The Fiocchi Group limits the number of projects that we handle at one time which allows us to give our clients the personal attention that they deserve. Kindly contact us for further information on how we can assist you.

    New York City

    15 W 28th Street, Suite 10A
    New York, New York 10001
    +1 (212) 248-1600

    Miami Beach

    560 Lincoln Road, Suite 202
    Miami Beach, Florida 33139
    +1 (305) 763-8292